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What is O Library?
O Library is a SQL 2008/2012 Framework that enables developer to add a .Net feeling to their T-SQL code and aims to bring a bit of fun into T-SQL development.

O Library is currently a work in progress. The installation script provided in the download section works well, but is in no way complete. It only includes basic operations on base variable types, such as String, Date, DateTime, Int, etc.

A simple example of the Framework
You can write queries like the following :

select String.Capitalize(Model) Model
      ,Int.TryParse(Year) Year
      ,Guid.NewGuid() NewCarId
  from OwnedCars
 where String.Equals(Make, 'Toyota') = 1
   and PurchasedDate < Date.FromParts(2010, 12, 31);
A whole bunch of features!
Aside from the .Net feeling, this library includes scripts that will help you with your day to day database development, maintenance and performance tuning. You can find missing indexes, analyze query performances in the cache and more.

A work in progress
This library is an attempt to gather everything I use day to day in a single, solid framework. It keeps growing every day, and I am not about to stop doing so. The good thing is that I build this framework so you can reinstall it every day without a problem. It auto cleans itself, and get's more shinny every day.

Be prepared!
I will be also sharing something that I use in every of my projects, but that I never thought that anyone else would be willing to use. Be prepared for some crazy stuff. Really.

Almost a promise...
I always keep in mind that older project has to still work with a new version of the framework. I won't make any breaking changes unless I put a specific notice very visible upfront and change the major version number.

As my library grew a lot over the years, with stuff I experimented and that other helped me build through websites like StackOverflow, if you feel that your name should be cited somewhere because I have included some of your stuff, PLEASE tell me. I cannot remember today everything I borrowed and build with you in the past, so don't hesitate to contact me.

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